General FAQ

  1. Do you have a journal?
    While I4R is not a journal, we have an editorial board which actively recruits and selects replicators. We currently have an editorial board for economics and finance, and political science. See here for a list of outlets interested in replications.

  2. Who are the replicators?
    Replicators are researchers who replicate or conduct sensitivity analyses. The editorial board is actively recruiting and selecting replicators to conduct sensitivity analysis and replications, while reproduction of results is done by data editors for selected journals and our team of reproduction analysts for journals without a data editor. Please contact us if you would like to help reproducing, replicating or conducting sensitivity analysis.

  3. Which studies are being reproduced and replicated?
    Our scope will be changing over time. See Project Objectives.

  4. Can you check and certify that my results are reproducible?
    Our collaborators at cascad provide reproducibility certification which warrants that the numerical results (tables and figures) reported in a scientific publication (working paper, published article, and report) are reproducible. You may contact them at to get more information.

  5. Do you disseminate all replications, including replications of older studies?
    Please reach out to us if you would like to disseminate replications of older studies or studies published elsewhere. Our discussion paper series is described here.

  6. What is the role of the editorial board, reproduction analysts and consulting data editors?
    See here for their specific roles and our conflict of interest policy.

  7. Which studies should be reproduced or replicated?
    It is not possible (nor desirable) to systematically replicate all published findings, and it is important to prioritize which studies to replicate to use scarce replication resources efficiently. For 2023, we have decided to mostly focus on journals that have a data editor/replication analyst, reducing the workload of replicators. We welcome your thoughts and ideas on selection.