JPE: Volume 130, May 2022


Self-Fulfilling Debt Crises, Revisited
Mark Aguiar, Satyajit Chatterjee, Harold Cole, and Zachary Stangebye
Data Availability: Those wishing to replicate the estimation can either download the data directly from Haver or can contact the authors.
Computational Reproducibility:

When Harry Fired Sally: The Double Standard in Punishing Misconduct
Mark Egan, Gregor Matvos, and Amit Seru
Data Availability: From the authors: "Our data comes from three sources. Our financial advisor data comes from FINRA’s BrokerCheck database (available for free from FINRA) and Meridian IQ/Discovery Data (commercially available), and our gender data comes from (commercially available). Unfortunately, we do not have the authority to distribute any of the data (even the free data without FIRNA permission) and were granted a data exemption from the JPE. However, any researcher should be able to obtain access to those datasets, if they are willing to acquire them.".
Computational Reproducibility:

Trade, Structural Transformation, and Development: Evidence from Argentina 1869–1914
Pablo Fajgelbaum and Stephen J. Redding
Data Availability: Data and codes available.
Computational Reproducibility: Reproduction of tables 1-4 and figure 3 here.
Replicability: Looking for a replicator.

Bidding and Drilling under Uncertainty: An Empirical Analysis of Contingent Payment Auctions
Vivek Bhattacharya, Andrey Ordin, and James W. Roberts
Data Availability: Not all files can be provided publicly due to data restrictions.
Computational Reproducibility:

Detecting Large-Scale Collusion in Procurement Auctions
Kei Kawai and Jun Nakabayashi
Data Availability: Data and code available.
Computational Reproducibility: Reproduction of table 5 and figures 1-3, 5 here.
Replicability: Looking for a replicator.

The Gravity Equation in International Trade: A Note
Ruben Dewitte
Replicability: Original Authors' response here.