JPE: Volume 130, January 2022


Management and Shocks to Worker Productivity
Achyuta Adhvaryu, Namrata Kala, and Anant Nyshadham
Computational Reproducibility: Not feasible; proprietary administrative data were obtained via a confidential data usage agreement with the partner firm. Authors are not at liberty to provide these data to third parties.
Replicability: Not feasible using the same data.

Cooperative Property Rights and Development: Evidence from Land Reform in El Salvador
Eduardo Montero
Computational Reproducibility: Reproduction of tables 2 to 5 here.
Replicability: Replication here. Comment accepted at JPE. Author's response on his personal webpage.

Tolerance and Compromise in Social Networks
Garance Genicot
Replicability: Please contact us if yourself or someone else checked the proofs.

The Mortgage Rate Conundrum
Alejandro Justiniano, Giorgio E. Primiceri, and Andrea Tambalotti
Computational Reproducibility: Some of the data (from RADAR's Data Warehouse) are not provided.
Replicability: Looking for a replicator who has access to the data.

Improving Business Practices and the Boundary of the Entrepreneur: A Randomized Experiment Comparing Training, Consulting, Insourcing, and Outsourcing
Stephen J. Anderson and David McKenzie
Computational Reproducibility: Ongoing.
Replicability: Ongoing.

Rationing the Commons
Nicholas Ryan and Anant Sudarshan
Computational Reproducibility: To be completed.